Top Ten Annoying Questions asked by a Seven-Year-Old...

Good Monday y'all. How was your weekend? 

I spent our spring break at my family's condo in Midway, and I can tell you that being in such close quarters with my kids seems to magnify certain... um... wonderful traits about them. The traits that sort of make you wanna find the nearest cliff and pull a Thelma and Louise. 
 (The cousins waiting to start the Easter Egg hunt. Kid B in front, Kid C on right.)

So, below I present to you the 
(Seriously, as a fun game, try to answer them in your head.)

10.  Why doesn’t Jesus want me to be a spider?
9.    Why do bad guys always build such big lairs?
8.    When is tomorrow?
       follow up: But when is tomorrow?
       extra follow up, no matter what you say: Tomorrow is tomorrow? That's not answering the question, Brodi.
7.    Why do boys always need to be with their moms? (I'm trying not to read too much into this one.)
6.    Why can't I earn money by using my web to catch people as they fall? (This was after I asked him what he wanted to do for a job when he grew up)
5.    Why do you hate babies? (This one came when I asked him to stop talking like a baby)
4.    Why don’t you take me on more roller  coasters?
3.    Do I need to find a funner family?
2.    If we were to plant that avocado pit, would we get an avocado tree? (Okay, that was Sam asking this one). 

And the number one annoying question over the holiday weekend:
1. How do you know?

Because I'm the reincarnation of Albert Frakkin' Einstein and I know everything!!!!

Oh yeah? Then when is tomorrow?

At least he did some redeeming things too. Like he drew a picture of me. 
I'm trying not to read too much into it.

How was everyone else's weekend?