Kid C Confesses his Toots

Sorry for the late blog. It's been a little crazy around here.

So, Kid C and I are riding in the car the other day, and I hear something that sounds like bubbles popping. A little put-put-put. 

Kid C looks at me in the rear view mirror and says, "Whoa. Who's tooting?"

me: "I think we both know who's tooting."

him: "The car?"

me: "No."

him: "Brodi's tooting."

me: "No, Kid C's tooting."

You get the picture. We went back and forth a few times, and finally I said, "Kid C, stop lying."

him: "I'm not."

So we drive for a little while, and pretty soon I hear him whispering. I tilt my head so I can hear him better. He thinks he's being quiet enough. He's closed his eyes, and he's saying over and over, "Dear Jesus, it really was me tooting. I'm the one who tooted. That's the truth. Dear Jesus, I tooted."

I guess all my lessons about how Heaven knows if you're lying have paid off.

Speaking of heaven, anyone going to the LDStorymakers conference this weekend? I'm gonna party it up there on Friday. Bree Despain (#3 Crazy of the Six, but really #1 Crazy) will be speaking in the first session. If you're going, stop on by and say 'hi'.