Kid B's Soccer Debut... and It ain't Pretty

Kid B started his first soccer games this week. During practice he looked like his namesake, David Beckham. (yeah, we like to put an inordinate amount of pressure on our kids. Kid C is named after Bill Gates.)

Here he is during practice:

Notice he is exemplifying three key strategies to win soccer games:
1. He is running toward the ball.
2. He is pointed in the right direction (i.e. he knows which net is his target)
3. He is aware he's on a soccer field, and appropriately he is running.

Now, check him out during the actual game.

 This is not a summersault. He stayed like this, frozen, for minutes.
We can also learn lessons from this behavior:

1. The other team shouldn't have to question what you're doing.
2. If you're going for the art of distraction, the middle of the field is probably not the best choice, especially with a herd of stampeding 4-year-olds headed your way.
3. If you're going to assume this position, make sure your drawstring is tied tight.

This was the high point of the game, since it was the only time he stayed on the field voluntarily. Maybe it's not too late to change his name to Bob. Nobody expects too much out of a "Bob." Because there are so many of them.