In Which I Participate in No Whining Week

No Whining Week:

I think agent Colleen Lindsay started no whining week this week, so I thought I'd take up the gauntlet (reminder: gauntlet=gloves) and make a list of things I will no longer whine about.

I will no longer whine when:

1. The news anchors drop their to-be verbs. "Officer friendly teaching kids at the local elementary today. Students taking note."

Officer friendly is teaching. Is teaching! Is teaching! If you don't want to use "to be", pick another verb.

2. 24 unearths yet another mole within CTU. 

Of course the blond computer analyst Dana Walsh is working with the terrorists. She totally fits the profile. Just look at her:

3. The doctor says I have to come in for an appointment before she'll refill my prescriptions. 

Their phone call made me feel like I had requested a refill for oxycontin: "We keep getting calls from your... pharmacist **I imagine her making air quotes** We will not be filling any more prescriptions until we see you."

I've had the same allergy prescription since I was a toddler. It doesn't change. It never changes! Gimme my pills!!

Okay, maybe I do sound like a druggie.

I have to admit, it feels great to not whine. Talking about these little pet peeves makes me want to complain, but I'm so glad I could control myself.

Want to join me, blog readers? What do you vow not to whine about anymore?