Please Vote on our Next Car Purchase... and other random items on my mind

Happy Monday y'all. Here's what's on my mind...

1. I went to a bake sale on Saturday, and I saw a plate of homebaked cookies, wrapped in cellophane with a bow. Perfect. My neighbors just brought a brand new baby home, and now I had treats to go with the baby blanket I had for them. I bought a bunch more single cookies and things, and then I went home, wrapped the little blanket, and was ready to go.

In the time it took me to walk in the door and put the blanket in a gift bag, Sam used his giant hands to rip a hole in the cellophane and steal a cookie.

Would someone please explain to me what about this picture screams, "I'm available for general consumption. Nothing special, as evidenced by my bow and special wrapping. Please, Mr. grubby hands, help yourself."

Not only that, there were like 50 other non-wrapped cookies, ready for consumption. But these cookies were just too pretty to resist. 

I'd been home for 10 minutes.

Ten Minutes!

2. We just sold Sam's truck, and now we need a new car. We have it narrowed down to two types, so I would appreciate your input.

Here's a 1970's Blazer:

Here's a 1970's Bronco:
Which one do you like better?

And to preemptively asnwer any questions, yes, we like to waste money on gas, and yes, I hate the earth.

3. Congrats to my favorite golfer Phil Mickelson for winnning the Masters!

How was all y'all's weekend? Anything fun going on?