The Story to Topple the Story that Topples Star Wars, and Locals can read Everneath early

Hey y'all.

Three Things!

1. If you thought Monday's post had a bargain, wait til you see this. (Thanks to F.O.B. Leisha for pointing this out).

For sale is: The Story to Topple the Story that Topples Star Wars.

And it only costs $53.78 to buy it outright. 

The seller description is pretty funny too, if you want to check it out.

2. Last night, I was working in my study with the door locked. Suddenly Kid B was knocking on the door, saying what sounded like, "Hat! Monny Hat!" Before I could answer, he ran away.
Now, if you are a regular to my blog, you know that Kid B doesn't really talk. So I assumed he was just talking nonsense.  I went out to find him, and apparently, "Hat" was exactly what he was saying. 

Because nobody would want work on their computer while stark naked. That's just wrong.

He's fully nekked otherwise, but at least he has his hat on. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

3. Are you in Utah? Do you want to read my book before it comes out?

F.O.B. (Friend of the Blog) Windy Aphayrath is kindly organizing a locals only blogger tour of an ARC of EVERNEATH. (That's my book, in case I haven't mentioned it.) We won't have ARC's for a few months, but I'm dedicating one of my personal copies to this tour!

If you are interested in getting on the list, sign up at her blog:

I'm so grateful she's taking the time to organize this! So go on over and sign up!

That is all. This weekend I'm going to the Utah Blogger/Author Social. Anyone else going?

Anyone new to the blog and you want to introduce yourself? Any lurkers out there want to de-lurk and say "Hi"?

Don't be scared. We don't bite. And we're only deadly when it comes to our fish.