Kid C Expresses his True Feelings

Kid C came home yesterday with a gift for me. 

The kids in his class were instructed to make these bunny bags, and then write how they feel about their moms. The other kids wrote messages like, "I love mom. She's the best! She makes me food and ties my shoes!"

Kid C's message was this: 
(If pressed, I'd admit I like mom.)

I'm pretty sure I can guess his thought process: 

"I like mom okay. I mean, I could take her or leave her. I'm not gonna get all mushy just 'cuz I glued a few whiskers on a paper bag. Sure I made her a bunny bag, but c'mon folks, it's a bunny bag. It's not a diamond bracelet. I will leave her a note befitting the bag." 

That'll do, kid C. That'll do.

It's Spring Break for us. You can tell by the weather.
So even though the kids are out of school, it's not so bad. At least they'll be able to play outside. Jump on the trampoline and stuff.

Personally, I can't wait to do a little sunbathing. Mother Nature, what did I ever do to you?

No blog on Friday. Happy Spring Break. Don't forget the sun block. What's everyone doing? Anyone going on vacation?