Hard and Fast Evidence I'm Losing my Mind... oh wait... pretty flowers.

TGIF, because I'm going out of my MF mind.

My good friend Heather sent me a facebook message the other day:

"I left my Sig Sauer hat at your house."

She said it like she expected me to know what she was talking about, which I didn't. Was it a hat? Or a saying? Or code for something? So I googled Sig Sauer hat and two things popped up. 


and This:

My first thought was, ha ha, it's a gun joke, and Heather knows how much I hate guns. But then I thought it's not really that funny, and Heather knows funny, and so maybe she really did leave this so-called "Sig Sauer hat" at my house. So I ask her what it looks like. Because yes, I really am that stupid.

She's all, "It's black with the words 'Sig Sauer' on the front." She's nice enough not to add a "duh" at the end.

Now I've established what this fabled hat looks like, so I do a quick once-over in my house. Nothing.
So I FB message her, "I'll keep looking, but I'm sure I would've noticed it by now," thinking all the while she's mistaken.

A few days go by, and we have some friends over who are admiring my new picture of London over our fireplace, and something catches my eye. Do you see it?

Here's a closer look. Tell me if you see it.
There are so many problems with this picture, worst of all the knowledge that at some point, I picked up the hat and put it on the nutcracker. (Why do we even have that nutcracker on display? Balancing precariously on a random plate?) And then, during all my 'once-overs' I never noticed it. And I was looking.

I shouldn't be surprised. That same day, Sam and his friend Brandon were stringing racquets when Sam asked me if I knew where we kept the allen wrenches. 

I'm all, "I know I've seen them somewhere lately. Where was it?"

A couple days later, I go out onto my front porch and see this.

Do you see it? Take a closer look:
To be fair to me, how was I supposed to find the allen wrenches before the allen wrench bulbs blossomed?

Luckily the weather has been just nice enough that by this weekend we should have a whole garden of allen wrenches.

I need therapy. 

So, what are y'all doing this weekend? Anything fun?