What's on my Mind... Fish, Rafa, and Harvesting my own Eggs

Merry Wednesday, yo.

Sam asked me what I was going to blog about today, and I told him, "Stuff that's on my mind."

He paused. And then said, "The World's Shortest Blog!"

In defense of Sam, I've been telling him lately that my brain's hit capacity, and I can't assimilate any new information. 

Nevertheless, here we go. Prepare yourselves for...

The World's Shortest Blog.

1. I appreciated all of your ideas for helping me earn money. My favorite was harvesting and selling my own eggs. 

So, for the low low price of $10,000, this baby could be yours! (Provided you could also get your hands on Barack Obama's... um... stuff.)
BroBak Obamaton

2. I came home from SCBWI in L.A. to find this on our cabinet:

Now, most of you remember our track record with the un-killable beta fish. As they say in baseball, "Three up, Three down!"

Last July, we packed up the aquarium and put it in storage (or as I like to call it, "quarantine") and then I'm gone for 3 days and suddenly Sam thinks to himself, "Hey! I haven't killed a fish lately!"

His name's Sonic, and I told him the same thing I told the other three: "Welcome to the death cave."

And then I showed him our death list:

Chopie.       Lasted 2 months.         Consumption.
Chopester.   Lasted one weekend.   Dysentary.
Chopes.       Lasted 1 month.          The Pox.

But hey. If it makes him feel any better, he at least has a new name.

3. On a side note, my main squeeze Rafa Nadal won his first round match at the U.S. Open. We're off to a great start.
(Rafa, after seeing a picture of what our child could look like)

So, what's on all y'all's mind?