How Many Fumbles does it take to Break an iPhone? And Thank Goodness for Sisters

It's time for... Thing #1 and Thing #1!

Thing #1 

I've dropped my iPhone close to a zillion times, and nothing ever phased it. I thought it was indestructible, until yesterday.

I dropped it in the parking lot of my favorite restaurant (The Dodo) and this is what happened:

It still works, but every time I use the touch screen, it makes this crunching sound. The shattered pieces are held precariously together by the screen cover. 

So, right after I took that picture (with our camera that has the broken focus) I immediately opened our garage door (that doesn't open anymore) and started Sam's car (that won't start) and drove myself to the iPhone store to buy a new one (that I can't afford right now). 

Do you ever feel like everything breaks at the same time? Guess I'll go turn on our sprinklers (that flood our basement). 

If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm totally not. I love my crunchy phone, and as long as I have scotch tape to hold the pieces together, we're good. Plus, it's comforting to shake an electronic gadget and hear a rattling sound. I can always kid myself and pretend it's the sound of loose change...

Thing #1

Ahh, the beauty of the sisterly relationship.

The other day, I was sort of freaking out about something. The details aren't important, but it was one of those instances where I was lamenting, "What must those people be thinking of me? What are they saying about me?"

My sister was there, and she had some great words of wisdom.

Erin: "I know those people, and if you knew how little they cared about you, and anything you do, you wouldn't be worrying right now. Talking about you would be like talking about the weather. Boring."

Sometimes it's good to have someone around that will give you a head slap of perspective every once in a while.

How's all y'all's week going?