Sam is bringing the funk with this blog post

I just found out that I am writing Brodi's blog today.  Yay for me.  Boo for Brodi.  Booya for all of you.

Brodi is currently a bit goofy right now.  She went in this morning to get an MRI (it was not supposed to be until tonight but they had an opening) and they give you Valium when you get this done.  This MRI is to get them a bit more information on her hole in the heart to see what is going in her brain, if anything.  From what I understand, Brodi would scream at the nurses, 'thats all the valium you are giving me? That wouldn't even calm a small turtle. Gimme more, gimme more.'  I think they had to taze (or is it tase?) her to stop the screaming for more valium.  The patient is doing fine and she is off in a daze half sleeping/half watching the French Open.

So, this means that Brodi will be taking the day off from blogging.  I will be filling in with this short blog post, with just a few short comments:
  • Kid C has no school today.  It is that famous holiday 'No School Attendance day.'  Seriously, that is what they call it.  It is like the school district is not even trying.  They could have said that there is no school today because of Very Important Meetings...or School review of Earthquake Preparation Day so no School...or they could have said that 'We aren't going to have school because the year is almost over and we are soooo done with all of your kids!'
  • Our new car, the '75 International Scout is doing fabulous, thanks for asking.  It is out of the shop and even though it has lived in the shop since we bought it, we know how reliable of a car it is going to be.  I think I have also lost 7 pounds since we bought it because it jiggles so much when you drive it.  It is a new and improved fat jiggler and I am reaping the benefits.
  • Random TV thought--if you have not seen the show Justified, check it out.  It is great television.  You can learn about it here Also, American Idol is over.  Egads.  Thankfully.  Not our favorite season. 
  • Our plans for the weekend?  I have a tennis match tonight and if I win, it will be a busy weekend.  We are also going to spend some time in Midway.  We also have a fun dinner planned with friends on Saturday...and yardwork whenever we can fit in.  Rock and Roll.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Feel free to also comment on how much you enjoy Brodi's metrosexy husband filling in for her on this blog as well.  Party on!