The Heart of the Matter: aka Don't all Hearts have Holes?

I went to the doctor the other day, and she thinks I have a hole in my heart.

me: "You mean, like, a metaphorical hole in my heart?"

her: "Why would I talk about a metaphorical hole? I'm not a shrink."

Her theory is that I have a little hole in my heart that's allowing little blood clots to go to my brain, causing little mini-strokes. These would account for my headaches. And you know how my mind wanders, and I forget what I was... SQUIRRELS!

Personally, I think the reason I have headaches is because I sit at my computer for 8 hours straight every day. So what if my eyesight took a giant dip in a two day time span?

Anyway, the condition is called PFO. Or, PKO. Possibly it's TKO. Or DOA. 

Fine, it's D-O-G. Mixed with a little S-O-L.
So, today I'm spending the day out in B-F-E at the IMC (Intermountain Medical Center) to search for the proverbial hole in the heart. Okay, fine, it's not proverbial. It's an actual hole.

So wish me luck. And if I'm slow to respond to comments, you know where I'll be. But still send them, because I'll have my phone, and I love my peeps!