Diagnosis: A Case of the Blah Dee Blah's

I'm taking a sick day today. 

I have a scratch in my throat and I'm tired. More tired than I've ever been before. I've been revising my novel, and I get to reading one sentence, and I immediately fall asleep.

There's only one conclusion: I think I have Mono. Either that or my book is really really boring. Out of the two, I like to think I have Mono.

Other Symptoms (for those of you out there who are armchair diagnosticians):

1. I get annoyed easily. Sam's been tucking his pant legs into his socks before our bike rides. It makes me want to scratch his eyes out.

2. Everything seems loud. I gave Kid B two DS's and a computer to play with while I revised. He had all three going at once. I had to put ear plugs in.

3. Chocolate and Caffeine aren't doing their job. Yesterday, I ate an entire bag of Ghiradelli chocolate squares and 5 bottles of Diet Coke, and I still wanted to take a nap.

4. I have an upset stomach. Chocolate and Diet Coke did nothing to cure this either. Seriously, why do I even buy the stuff?

5. I first spelled stomach as "stomache". Like, I'm French, so I have a sto-mahsh. Like panache. 

Those are my symptoms. I'm tired, annoyed, and slightly French. Feel free to diagnose. And sorry I'm taking a sick day today. I'll be back for Free Book Friday.

p.s. Sam just looked over my shoulder and said, "That's your way of taking a sick day?"