NaNoWriMo, Team Tamale, and why my Head Exploded on Halloween... hint: Legos

1. NaNoWriMo

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month, where thousands of people try to write an entire novel in the month of November.

It took me two years to write my first novel, so I admire anyone attempting this feat. A few of my friends are going for it. Good luck Eden and Shellie and Bree and Olivia and Alysa.

Anyone else doing it?

2. Author Smackdown/Chimichanga Challenge '09

Team Tamale Update:

Goal: 65,000 words
Current word count: 45,000
Time left: 10 days

20,000 words. 10 days.

Team Gluten-Intolerant's deadline for 45 pages is tonight. We'll see what happens...

For our next challenge, Bree must finish her entire book by the end of November. It's convenient because she has joined NaNoWriMo. But inconvenient because writing an entire book in a month is hard. 50,000 words hard. Go Bree!

She blogged about it today, so please go over to her blog and encourage/threaten from Team Tamale.

3. Here's my rundown of the weekend

-On Halloween, a woman at Smith's Marketplace, behind me in the checkout line, says to me, "Is your name Angie?"

me: "Excuse me?"

her: "Are you Angie?"

me: "Um, no. Sorry."

Her: "Oh. It's just that you look like one of my friends who I haven't seen in a long time."

me (thinking I'm funny, and I'll make her day): "Oh yeah? What's her name?"

Her: "Um, Angie. Didn't I mention that?"

Me (realizing she doesn't think I'm funny): "Right. Yes, you did mention that. I just wasn't sure she was the friend you were talking about when you said I looked like your friend. Maybe Angie's not your friend, ya know?"

Her: "Um, what?"

Me: "Sorry. I'm dressed as a mental patient today. Get it? Ha ha."

Her: Walks away, chooses another checkout line to stand in. She said it was because the line was moving too slow. I couldn't agree more.

- All three goldfish are still alive. My friend offered me a fishbowl to use instead of our mixing bowl, but I told her I was afraid a real fishbowl would give the fish the wrong idea. About long-term housing options.

-Considering how much shaking the fish endured at the hands of my three-year old, I sorta thought they would fall victim to the old "five step exploding heart" maneuver. You know, where they take five steps and then their heart explodes because of all the abuse.

But so far, no exploding fish hearts. Maybe it's because my bowl is so small.

Kid C named the fish: Schmatzy, Flatzy, and Bill.

- I spent two hours Halloween night building Kid C's Lego battle ship. The picture on the box looks like this:

But the inside looks like this:
It says "Ages 8+" but I think they're giving my kid way too much credit. What do they think- I gave birth to Einstein? Have they met me? Have they met middle America?

Why in the world does the Lego company think we actually want to do the building ourselves? I felt like after I was finished, Lego should freakin' be paying me the $29.99. My fingers developed callouses overnight. I'm considering suing.
(The finished battleship)

Next time, I'm buying a pre-made one on eBay or something. btw, did you notice the stellar paint job on the wall behind the shelf? That was me. I didn't know it would be a backless shelf.

-More than a few trick-or-treaters asked, "Just how many pieces of candy can we take? Three? Five?"

Shrewd little boogers. I'm not calling them names. They were dressed exactly like shrewd little boogers.

I'm off to write. How was everyone's Halloween? What did y'all do?