FBF Winner, and My First Trip to a Kohl's... aka I will Forever Expect Great Things

1. Last Free Book Friday

This Friday will be the last Free Book Friday until after the holidays! There's a chance there might be a huge blowout, and Smokey will pick more than one winner.

FBF Winner:


Pick your top three choices from the pic below and email me your address.

2. D-Will and Kid B

Shout out to my man Deron Williams of the Jazz.
(D-Will Kickin' Arse)

I know the team is off to a rough start, but I love my D-Will. He donated 20 game tickets to the Pingree School for Autism the other night, so Kid B got to go to the game with me. Sam and Kid C bought some tix and tagged along as well. We got to sit in D-Will's Double Team section, and Kid B was totally engrossed in the game.
You can see Kid B considered the game an extension of school. He brought his backpack and wore it the whole time.
(First we make a cotton ball snowman, then we go to the Jazz Game.All in a day's work at Pingree.)

Hats off to any superstar who gives.

Of course, when the Jazz lost, we returned the ticket stubs to the team along with a note that read, "Why can't you win for the autistic children?"

I jest.
(The boys with the Jazz Dancers. They're learning early.)

3. I went to Kohl's for the first time ever the other day.

Why have I never been to this little piece of paradise on Earth before?

Cousins A and K told me about it, and I asked, "What do they have at Kohl's?" And they basically replied, "What don't they have at Kohl's?" And then we all laughed heartily and slapped fives in the air and elbowed each other in the ribs in an "if ya know what I mean" kind of way.

The rumors were true: Everything at Kohl's is on sale. To which I kept replying, "Isn't that like saying nothing at Kohl's is on sale?"

And Cousin K would remind me, "It's not the same thing as saying everyone's special, so no one is. Everything here really is on sale."

I decided to buy a pair of shoes for Kid B. Ones where there would be no foot twisting involved to get his foot in, and preferably the entire top half would lift off when it was untied so he could step on it, and the shoe would automatically enclose his foot.

Cousin K insisted they have those shoes, because they're Kohl's. She asked, "What size is he?"

me: "He's about 3 and a half year-old size."

K gives me a strange look.

me: "Okay, maybe he's more like size 4-year-old in shoes."

K: "'Size 4-year old?' Shoes are not like clothes. They have actual sizes."

me: "Say Whaaa?"

I have an almost seven year old, and an almost 4 year old. How did I not know this?

So, how's everyone's week going? Anyone excited for New Moon? Anyone finish their NaNoWriMo books?