FBF Winners, and my Thanksgiving Top Ten

Final Free Book Friday Winners:


Congratulations! Rank your top five choices from the picture below and email me your address. (Email in the sidebar).

The contest will resume after the holidays, when I expect Santa will have brought me more money. (Wow, that sentence reeked of the Ghost of Past Present Participle).

Now for the quick post:

What I'm Thankful for, in Order from Most to Least Important. (Just kidding. No order.)

1. Health. Among other things, this includes myriad doctors and nurses, the Huntsman Cancer Institute, vaccines, medicine, and my Dad still going strong.

2. Metrosexual Hubby who's not afraid to do the laundry

3. Kid B, who's pretty sure he knows how to talk, it's just the people around him who don't know how to listen.

4. Kid C, who can negotiate the skin off a chihuahua.

5. Friends, who understand the madness that comes with writing, and hang with me anyway.

6. Writer Friends, who don't flinch when one of us says, "Then I had a breakdown." Because what writer doesn't have a breakdown? We're all, "That's not even worthy of setting down my hot chocolate."

7. Extended family, complete with nannies, readers, friends and kindred souls. (Wow. I'm getting sorta mushy.)

8. Parents, who raised me to believe most kids read Shakespeare for fun. (I'm thankful now, but man, growing up... )

9. Blog Readers, who keep coming back despite my stories of pus, abs, spiders and pee.

10. Blog Commenters, who give me something to look forward to every day.

So, what are y'all thankful for?