FBF Winners, Author Smackdown, and My List of Things That Must Go

1. FBF Winners

Two winners this week. One from the Smackdown Post and one from last Friday's post.

Smackdown Winner: Una
Friday's post Winner: Cam

Please email me (in sidebar) with your top three choices from the picture below and your mailing addresses. There are also two copies of Hush, Hush.

2. Author Smackdown

First round goes to Bree Despain (aka Team Gluten Intolerant). She emailed me 45 pages of her sequel Monday night. If you get a chance, congratulate her. Now she must finish her book by Nov. 30th.

Next Round: Team Tamale (that's us) owes an entire novel by one week from today.

Original word count: 39,528

Word Count as of this morning: 48,742

So, about 49,000. Goal 65,000.

16,000 words in 8 days. Doable.

How is everyone's NaNoWriMo going? Shell, Alysa, Eden, Olivia, Hannah?

3. Things that Must Go

Okay, so today is one of those days where I need everyone’s help with the blog. I am bra deep in my race to finish my book. Let’s do a big blog-wide list of things that must go. I’ll start.

1. When Twitter friends Tweet something like, “I’m eating Mangoes and Sticky Rice. Sorry you can’t be here @brodiashton. It’s soooo gooood. 140 characters doesn’t do it justice.”

2. Those lights on cars that look almost like they are brights, but not quite, so I don’t know if the butt-munch behind me is mad at me, or just driving normally. So I don’t know if I should slam on my brakes in response to our disagreement, or if there’s no disagreement in the first place. Capice?

3. Itchy skin.

4. Wine Frye "hot spots" that don’t work. I need a Wi-Fi hit, Barnes&Noble in Sugarhouse. I need a hit! Why do you insist on thwarting me?

5. Goldfish that refuse to die of natural causes.

6. People who don’t understand Barnes&Noble is a place to write novels. Not talk to your kids about what kind of books they should read. Be quiet!

So, help me out here folks. What are your Things That Must Go?