I Might as well Snort Tobasco Sauce

Happy Friday.

Random Pain status: It burns, it burns!

Ever have one of those days when you are pretty sure your life is some sort of cosmic joke?

So, I'm in my bathroom yesterday, blow-drying my hair and eating cinnamon bears. (Everyone does that, right?)

I flip my hair forward, so I can dry the under parts, but the forward momentum causes the cinnamon juices in my mouth to go shooting up my nasal tube thingies (you know where your nose meets your throat) and right into my sinuses.

The pain, I assure you, was acute.

I started wandering about, flapping my hands and whimpering, trying to figure out how the heck to stop the burning.

I ran over to the sink, cupped my hand and tried to snort some water. But apparently, even in an emergency, my body rebels against voluntarily snorting any sort of liquid.

By now I could picture the acid cinnamon juices disintegrating my brain. The sizzle was nearly audible.

Finally, I sucked up a mouthful of water, flipped my hair forward and let the water follow the same path.

This worked.

Moral of the story: Never blow-dry your hair. Just eat cinnamon bears while sedentary. Dangerous stuff.

Any fun plans for the weekend? My sister is laying sod, so I "plan" to be conveniently out of town.

Since it's Friday, how about a fun video? Star Wars, as if it were a Macgyver television series.

(Courtesy of Sam. He's the one who wastes countless hours searching through really lame videos until he finds one little golden nugget, which his wife immediately steals.)