Echo Cover Art and a few last Pakistan pics

Cute fan status: So, I have a 12-year old blog reader in the midwest, and she was kind enough to read my book. She wants to be a writer, and she is already an incredible artist. After she finished reading Echo, she sent me her own "cover art".

What do you think? 12 years old!

Some last Pakistan tidbits:

We ate at this restaurant called Cooco's, located in the old city. When we decided on this restaurant, one of my pregnant Pakistani friends wondered if she could make the climb.

I was thinking, "She looks in good shape. What's the deal with a couple flights of stairs?"

Okay, I could barely make the climb!

The restaurant seems to teeter 5 floors above the street. It provides a beautiful view of the Mosque and the Fort, but I know for a fact there's no way it would pass building codes here.
The owner's mother and sisters were prostitutes, and several paintings of them were displayed throughout. He was proud of his heritage.

The food is cooked on street level, and when it's done it's placed on a little bowl hanging from a rope.

The waiters at the top floor hoist the food up with lightening speed, never spilling a drop of the food. It was quite a show.

Maybe my favorite part of the trip was the Wagah border, separating India and Pakistan. Every night they have a changing of the guard, and a lowering of the flags. Each side has its own stadium seating, with one side cheering loudly for Pakistan and the other side cheering for India.
This was my favorite guard. If anyone could hock a logie from his eye, this guard could.

It is a spectacle, and although we took video, I think this youtube piece sums it up better.

We had VIP seating next to the Dutch Ambassador. Front and center. Blond hair shining. You can bet the Major had a heart attack.

Enjoy your weekend, y'all! I will get to some of the questions next week. If you get a chance, give a shout out to Marie (the aforementioned 12-year old artist) about her cover.