Highlights of the Paranormal Ball, and your chance to win an autographed book

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On to the post:

You know how you go to host a paranormal ball, and you think you look like this:

But really you look like this?

That happened a lot. 
I thought I looked like this all night:

But after seeing so many pictures tagged on Facebook, I realize I looked like this all night:

Despite the fact that I looked like a drunken, rotund angel whose wings couldn't have lifted her an inch off the ground, we had a great time. 

It was the first year they had Young Adult authors at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, and the fabulous Crystal Perkins was able to get an excellent roster of authors!

Who wants to take a crack at naming them all? I'll name a few: Daisy Whitney, Lisa Schroeder, Becca Fitzpatrick, Lindsey Leavitt, Heather Davis, Rachel Hawkins, Suzanne Young, James Dashner, Jay Asher, Bree Despain, Emily Wing Smith... and many many more. 

I would name them all, or at least provide links to their websites, but I'm under deadline and that would require a lot of extra typing. 

The day started with a paranormal panel of authors, moderated by about the funniest person I've ever met, Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall, Demon Glass)
l-r: Rachel Hawkins, Veronica Wolff, Becca Fitzpatrick, Rachel Caine, Bree Despain, James Dashner, Sophie Jordan, Tera Lynn Childs
One interesting tidbit that came out of the panel was that at least two of the participants had applied to the CIA. Can you guess which ones? There's a signed book in it for you... More about that at the end of the post.

The Festival ended with the Paranormal Ball, where I was happy to report that nearly everyone (except James Dashner) dressed up. 

See if you can recognize your favorite authors:

Suzanne Young, Rachel Hawkins and Lisa Schroeder

Lindsey Leavitt, getting into the whole Zombie Princess facial expression

Bree Despain, Becca Fitzpatrick, Lindsey Leavitt, Emily Wing Smith
And here's the whole group:
I had a fabulous time, and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Who's with me? For a yearly pilgrimage to Vegas forthwith?

And can anyone guess which two authors applied to the CIA? I'll take guesses in the comments until 5 this afternoon (MST), when I'll reveal the answer. Whoever had the correct answer first will win an autographed copy of Rachel Hawkins' DEMON GLASS, the sequel to Hex Hall. 

I won't give anything away about the book except to say... the cat did it. 

Good luck!