Questions from the Question-Maker, and your chance to BE the Question-Maker

It's that time of the month again... when we travel to the void between the mountain and the rainbow and wake that sleeping giant known as the Question-Maker.

Questions from the Question-Maker

QM: *Yawn... stretch* Hey y'all. It's great to be back. Let's get down to business. *cracks knuckles* So, B-Dawg, how are your copyedits going?

I'm glad you asked! They're going great. In fact, I turned them in yesterday. 

QM: I know you thought your book was perfect before... did the copyeditor find any problems? Or did she just fill the pages with smiley-faces and praises of your work?

Well, I didn't think it was perfect, but there was this one thing she caught that was sort of embarrassing. About halfway through the book, the main character has a dream, and then about four chapters later, she had the same dream. Exact same dream. Word for word.

I felt like a dork. I mean, I've read the thing 485 times.

QM: Hmmm... Lately your low self-esteem seems to be good common sense. 

Hey! At least my pljues never dribbied.

QM: Moving on. What happens now? 

I work on Book 2, and wait for ARCs to be printed.

QM: For those of us not fluent in publishing-speak, what are ARCs? 

They are Advanced Release Copies, also known as Bound Galleys or just Galleys. It's where the publisher prints the book in paperback form, cover and all, and then sends it out to reviewers and book bloggers and such. 

QM: Who is "such"?

It's a colloquialism weak writers use as a crutch. 

QM: How very telling. When are these so-called ARC's due to hit the universe?

In a month or two. *does a little freak-out dance that's sort of a mix between the Rumba and Mexican Hat Dance*

QM: So, in a month, your life's creative work will available for people to praise... or trash?

Um... yes *Mexican Hat Dance turns into the Sink-to-the-floor-and-Shiver Tango*
But it's okay, because I have my rebuttal planned for any reviewer who fails to see my genius.

QM: Erm... see, that's probably not the smartest way to respond to negative reviews-

Oh yeah, Question-Maker? You can stick your smart where the sun don't shine, and then blow it out your pie-hole! (See? Awesome example of a reasonable rebuttal. How can it go wrong?)

QM: You're right. It can't go wrong. Rebut away.

I'll rebut your butt off.

QM: How eloquent. I'm audi 5000. See y'all next month!

So, dear blog readers, would you like a chance to be the question maker for a day? Have I got an opportunity for you! 

I am getting together with two other awesome authors (Bree Despain and Emily Wing Smith) for some vlog action. We will be filming short videocasts (?) (I'm not quite down with the lingo yet) where we answer questions about publishing! 

You can ask about anything: 
Querying, getting agents, submission, writing, anything!

So, do you have a question? You can leave it in the comments. Please ask a question. Pretty please? Otherwise, we will resort to filming a vlog about the best way to extract belly-button lint. (Don't worry, we'll film this no matter what).

If you don't have a question, you can just tell me what you're up to this weekend. But I will like you better if you have a question.