The Debut of our Cover Band, The Barely Manilows... with video.

Some people didn't think it would happen.

Some people thought I was only kidding.

Some people thought that we would suck.

Well, 2 out of the above 3 people were wrong. I wasn't kidding. It did happen.

Our critique group The Barely Manilows (More commonly known as The SIX) sang at the launch party for the awesome Emily Wing Smith and her new book BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE.

And while we originally threatened that anyone caught filming the catastrophe, I mean, performance, would lose a pinkie finger, we have since embraced the fact that we have no control over the interwebz. So now, we would like it to go the way of a virus. 
In the video, from right to left: Bree Despain on maracas, Kimberly Webb Reid on the Triangle, Sara Bolton on Bass Vocals, Emily Wing Smith on Castanets, Valynne Maetani Nagamatsu on weird jingle bell thingee with a long red stick... and finally, that's me on the keyboard.

I tried to get a keytar, but apparently it's not 1986. Oh well.

Enjoy. (The lyrics are below for your amusement. Just follow the bouncing ego.)

Her name was Joy, and
She was dumped by Zan
he liked to wear his grandpa's shoes
And he left her with the blues

But she was clueless
Why he liked her less
And while she tried to heal her heart,
Noah Liked her from afar
And then on beverage night
He liked to drink his Sprite

They were young and they fought each other
Who could ask for more

At the Haven
Mormon town, Haven
The dullest spot north of the border
At the Haven
Mormon town Haven
Music and Passion were never the fashion at the Haven....
They weren't in love

So joy and noah
they took a road trip
so she could stalk Zan like a fool
And surprise him at his school
But there's this detour
They're stuck in Vegas
And while his car is getting fixed, then their feelings get all mixed
And all you need to know
There's Barry Manilow
And the rest you can read within the pages of the book

At King's English
You can buy copies
They'll even print you out a receipt
At King's English
The Great King's English
Reading and Passion are always the Fashion
At King's English...
Go Buy the book.

Thanks to Jenni Elyse for taking and uploading the video. 
And now, as to the comments, please be kind. :)