In which our Hopes and Dreams Crash and Burn at the Pinewood Derby

Last night was the pinewood derby. Remember that chunk of wood I showed you last post? Well, look what we turned it in to...
Kid C and his Pinewood Derby Skateboard, powered by the Force.
Yep, that there is Yoda at the helm. Followed closely by Shadow Storm Trooper, R2D2 with a storm trooper on his shoulders, and bringing up the caboose is a rebel fighter.

The other cars had no idea what they were in for. Can you imagine seeing this in your rear view mirror?
Yoda's coming to getcha!
Because of the obvious aerodynamic shortcomings of the car, we warned Kid C that he should get used to being in everyone's rear view mirror. The people in his scout pack are obsessed with the science behind the speed of the Pinewood Derby car, so we didn't even attempt to compete. We went for style.

Unfortunately, Kid C was pretty sure the Force would compensate for any drag. Here's what happened:

And that same result was repeated several times throughout the night. Kid C's car was the slowest. And he knew it.

Kid C was a little disappointed, but we tried to teach him a valuable lesson. Sometimes it's just as important to be unique as it is to be the best. 
Standing out from the pack.

And his mom learned a valuable lesson. You don't have to be the fastest, but next time aim for somewhere in the middle. 

My conclusions after our first ever Pinewood Derby? I hereby vow to be conveniently out of town for every subsequent one. It is not worth the stress.

What do all y'all think? Which car would you pick from those pictured above?