More Burning Questions about the Book Deal, and Brodi gets Blurbified

First off, I was interviewed on Emily Wing Smith's Blog, so check it out here if you get a chance. 

Moving on.

*Not a real word. This blog disavows this post, and has reprimanded the writer.

I have to share another one of those "Never thought the day would come" moments. I'm a blurb! I'm a blurb! In Publishers Marketplace. 

October 6, 2010

Young Adult 

Brodi Ashton's THE EVER'NEATH, based in part on the myth of Persephone, in which a seventeen-year-old, after having spent the past six months in the underworld escapes to the surface -- to her old life, her family, her boyfriend -- for another six months before she's banished back to the underworld once again, this time for eternity, to Kristin Daly at Balzer & Bray, in a three-book deal, for publication in Winter 2012, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (NA).

 Y'all will probably have that blurb memorized by the time my book comes out. Sorry.


Okay, so there are some more questions that have been popping up about the book stuff, so I decided to run them through our beloved Question-Maker. (Some of you were giving the QM flack in the last post, but I have to tell you, the QM came from humble beginnings, and he has no idea as to social cues. I don’t think he means to be rude. But today he’s promised to be on his best behavior.)


QM: You have a book deal. So, you think you’re somethin’ else, now, don’t ya?

Me: (Sigh) I don’t think that’s a real question.

QM: Oh. Sorry. I was just shootin’ the breeze.  Didn’t know we were live. (taps on the mike, chews his tobaccy) Let’s have a looksy… Okay. Here. Isn’t your first book in the trilogy done? So, what are you going to do for the year plus until your book comes out?

Me. Excellent question, QM. Even though the book was finished when we submitted it, and even though I revised with my agent, it’s still technically a “first draft.” Now the real revisions with my editor begin.

QM: Hmm. Couldn’t get it right the first time?

Me: Nobody does.

QM: I have a little book here called The Twilight Saga that would beg to differ.

Me: Not a question, Question-Maker. Try again.

QM: How much did you get for your advance?

Me: That’s not polite, Question-Maker. You don’t see me asking how much you make at your job, do you?

QM: Fair enough. How about if you just tell me, and I promise not to tell anyone else?

Me: How about you move on to the real questions.

QM: Fine. (Flips through the 3x5 cards) Here we go. Do you ever get that, not-so-fresh feeling?

Me: I can tell it’s almost the weekend. How about we take a break.

QM: Is this a break? Or a break UP?

So, the question-maker and I are going to couple's counseling this weekend, apparently. What are y'all doing?