White Stuff on my Lawn, and Veiled Threats from Kid B's Teacher

Merry hump day.

Well, today I woke up to this in my front yard:

And this in my back:

(I know, every year I think, "This year will be the year I actually dismantle the trampoline...)

I know what it looks like... The Perfect Day for Revising!

But Kid B is home with a "cough". As in, his teachers sent home a subtle note yesterday.

"At the end of the day, Kid B seemed very tired. His nose was runny, and he coughed a bit. He might be getting sick."

If there was a "P.S." on the note, it would not read like this:

"But if he's feeling better tomorrow, send him for sure!"

It would read like this:

"If you send him, and he even clears his throat funny, you will be forever known as THAT MOM WHO SENDS HER SICK KID TO SCHOOL, THEREBY RECKLESSLY INFECTING EVERYONE ELSE. I know what you're thinking... Chances are that he could go to school, and be just fine. But you have to ask yourself one question: do you feel lucky? Punk?"

I don't know if I'm reading too much into it. Sam says I've been known to be a little dramatic. But when I mentioned that Kid B could go to school, and try it out for the morning, a little bead of sweat formed on Sam's forehead, and slowly trickled down his cheek, and fell off his chin, splashing loudly on the kitchen floor, where it pooled, reflecting the concern in Sam's face.

Stop calling me dramatic!

So, how is all y'all's week going? Anyone else out there scared of their kids' teachers?