Kid B Reinvents the Game of Soccer. We're still Working out the Glitches.

So, It's that time of year. Kid B's soccer season has begun again. 

Remember his first game last year?

I think this year we've improved. Check it out:

Did you see him? How about now?

Yep. Kid B's coach told him to "play forward" and Kid B thought he said, "play dead." Common mistake. Could happen to anyone. 

My favorite part of his soccer games is the strange looks he gets:
 The other coach is all, "Is he okay?"

The little girl's all, "Whaaaaa?"

The thing is, neither of them understands Kid B's strategy. He's a road block. Can you imagine if someone is dribbling the ball down the field, and happens to slam into Kid B's blockade? (It's a big field, so there's maybe a 1 in 500 chance it could happen). 

But if it does happen, it would be... maaaaaayhemmmmmmmm! (Said in a monster truck rally voice).

I'm still holding out hope for a soccer scholarship. Hey, if I can get a book deal, he can totally get paid to play soccer.