Fine. I'm a Liar Pants on Fire.

1. My friend gave me a Christmas card that I thought was hilarious. It showed her three young sons, hands clasped together, eyes closed.

Below the picture, large bold words read, "We Are Praying for Your Salvation." I couldn't stop laughing. Apparently some people thought she was serious.

Speaking of which, I am finally done writing our Christmas Cards. If you want one, send me an email with your address. (Email address in sidebar).

2. I'm a Big Fat Liar.

Emily Wing Smith has long been wary of my truth-telling ability, but I learned at our Writer's Retreat that she officially thinks I'm a big fat liar. Her reasoning is two-fold.

a) I tried to pass off my first attempt to darken my hair as "brunette".

b) During an intense Scattergories battle, I tried to convince her a "grouper" (the fish) was an amphibian.
(Grouper- Not an Amphibian)

In my defense, my hair looked brunette to me, and then when Scattergories asked for an amphibian starting with a "g", "grouper" was the first thing that came to mind. I should've said "guppy".

But now, Emily thinks everything that comes out of my mouth should be questioned.

me: "I'm fine with the air mattress."

Em: "I don't believe you. Take the couch."

me: "Okay, I'm fine with the couch."

At this point her head exploded as she tried to figure out which one was the lie.

To be fair to Emily, I did lie to her on purpose once. When we were in L.A., she confessed she was deathly afraid of an earthquake hitting us while we were in the hotel.

So I told her that's ridonkulus and I explained why. Our hotel was curved like a half-moon, and this meant our hotel was convex, and everyone knows that in an earthquake, the convex buildings are the most structurally sound, so she didn't have to worry about the building crumbling down.
(Our hotel. From the Concave side)

I would've gotten away with it, but she kept asking me in earnest if it was true. I had to admit it was just a working theory of mine. But I wanted to make her feel better. Does that really count as lying?

3. BFF Bree Despain's book The Dark Divine comes out in 10 days. Have you entered her Huge Frakkin' Giveaway? She's got some seriously cool prizes and the contest ends today, so go check it out. (Of course, stay here til the end of the post, leave a comment, and then go check it out).

4. I would like to reach 100 public followers for Christmas. Can anyone help me pull that off? I only need six more...