Does Anyone know what Periwinkle even looks like?

The Perriwinkle Problem

Quick Post before my Christmas Break:

We had a little dinner to celebrate the birth of Bree Despain's book The Dark Divine. (The actual launch party is in January, so mark your calendars. Not sure what day. Just circle all of January.)

We were supposed to wear purple. I'm lucky if I find non-black in my closet, let alone purple.

But in the fashion of a Christmas Miracle,  I found a purple shirt to wear.

Here were the reactions:

Emily Wing Smith accused me of lying: "You can't possibly think that shirt is purple!"

Bree Despain complimented me: "What a lovely shade of lilac. I'm just happy you came."

Sara Bolton corrected her: "That's not lilac. If it's anything, it's periwinkle."

Sara's husband Ben (of the infamous fish v. amphibian debate) said: "I'm gonna wikipedia the arse off that shirt."

Kim Reid said: "At least you tried to wear non-black."

James Dashner accused me of being color-blind. He's all, "I've seen aliens with more color smarts than you."

I'm not surprised. Everyone knows that if aliens found their way to earth, they would be on a higher plane of intelligence, including a deeper understanding of the color wheel.

I told everyone: "It's Frakkin' purple! Who even knows what periwinkle looks like?"

Valynne (our group's bouncer) threatened to throw me out for such lies.

You tell me.

I'll do a longer post later on the evening's festivities. For now, enjoy the Silent Monks, singing the Hallelujah chorus.