Do you Have a Query or First Page you'd like to Share? and The True Meaning of Gauntlet.

Free Query Friday

1. To fill the void left by Free Book Friday Holiday Hiatus: Do You Have a Query or a First Page you'd like me to read?

Occasionally I get asked to read queries or manuscripts, and too often I don't have the time, or I'm not able to get it done in a timely manner, or people realize I just can't read good.

But I thought it'd be a fun holiday experiment to change that. So, if you'd like me to read your query or first page, send it on over. You can even request "no feedback" if you'd just like to share it with me.

I hesitate to call it a present, because that implies my feedback is worth something. But I will say sometimes, as writers, we need to bounce stuff off someone who doesn't know a thing about the story.

So, I'm opening it up now. Email me your query or first page, or any other one-page piece you've been working on. Share. Tis the season for sharing and stepping out of your comfort zone. (My personal favorite Christmas Carol- "Step out of your Comfort Zone this Season")

My email is on the sidebar. It will remain anonymous. Nobody has to know. And if I get some good ones, maybe I'll post them and we can discuss why they're so good.

It's a challenge! Will you take the gauntlet? (Which, by the way, I always thought a gauntlet was some sort of weapon, like a sword, but it's really a glove. Did you know that? Me neither. So I've been trying to use it in a sentence: "Boy, it sure is gauntlet- weather out there. It's so cold.")

2. Kid C brought home his latest self-portrait from school: It's cute and all, but it sorta makes me worried I'm going to walk into his bedroom one day and find an ear lying there on the floor.

3. I live in Utah, so I found this funny:
(There are some adult references... it's a prime-time show. Viewer discretion advised.)

4. I'm going to a book launch party today for Beautiful Creatures, so I will stock up on signed copies for when Free Book Friday gets going again in January.

5. Next week we'll begin compiling our lists for good books to give away as presents, so be thinking!

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I have a family party, a family party, and a family party.