The Mysterious Brigham Tortilla, and Rafa Crashes and Burns

Mocha Man Meets Untimely End...
Rafa's triumphant return came to a bone-crunching halt yesterday. Juan Martine "I love my tall, Gladiatorial body" del Potro handed Rafa his bum on a platter. (To use tennis terminology).

RIP Rafa 6-2, 6-2, 6-2

Thank you for your kind words at this time, everyone. (Except Cam). Rafa, always a class act, smiled afterward and graciously agreed to a post-loss interview.

Speaking of class acts, Serena Williams lost her temper at one of the line judges. Because she let the "F" word fly, she was automatically docked one point. Only problem was, that point happened to be match point. Sorta anticlimactic.

And for moms everywhere, the highlight of the tournament was when Kim Clijsters won the Women's championship. She left the tour two years ago when she had her baby. She had to get into the US Open with a wild card. Last night she won the whole taco. I remember my bod post-baby. I had to be carried around everywhere by the jaws of life. Seriously, large cruise ships docked on my thighs.

Lunch with Brigham Tortilla
Kid C is just like me. He has a serious problem remembering people’s names. Only he’s much more creative about it.

The other day, he comes home from school and tells me he had lunch with his older cousin Abram.
I asked him who Abram was sitting with.

Kid C: “Um… Brigham.”

Me (I know most of Abram’s friends): “Brigham? Brigham who?”

Kid C: “Brigham Tortilla. You don’t know him.”

Me: “Abram’s friend is named ‘Brigham Tortilla’?”

Kid C: “Yeah.”

I racked my brain, trying to remember Abram’s friend’s name.

Finally, Me: “Do you mean Finn?”

Kid C: “Yeah. Finn.”

Finn. Brigham Tortilla. Hard not to confuse the two. Also, when I ask who he plays with at recess, he says: “Um… Shanden, Planden and Franden.”

I guess they’re triplets?

Heck, I used to tell my mom I had lunch with Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. I didn’t have many real friends.

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So, what are y'all doing this week? Anything fun? I plan on working out again, unless the shin cancer explodes again.