Free Book Friday: and Inside the Mind of a Hypochondriac


We had a great turnout for last Friday’s contest, and three people won autographed books. Thanks!

This week, there are two ways to enter:
1. Link to this post on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and talk about the contest. Then provide the link in the comments section. I promise to check out your blogs.

2. Answer the following questions:

a. Who would play the role of you in the movie about your life?
b. What does “a day in the life of you” look like?
c. Have you read any good books lately? If so, which ones?
d. Thing that must stay:

If you do both, you are entered twice. Twice!

I will answer them too.
a. Kathy Griffin
b. Type, eat, blog, tennis, eat, veg, drive, eat, type, eat, sleep.
c. Catching Fire
d. Good ‘n Plenty, Chocolate, and the sun.

Good luck.

Thing 1:

Rafa’s match was rain delayed last night, so tune in today to ESPN 2 to see him play Gonzalez.

Need another reason to love Rafa? (I know I do). A few nights ago, a fan charged onto the court and kissed Rafa on the cheek. A major security problem.

But check out how Rafa just laughs it off in the interview after. Seriously, why didn’t I try this when I saw him in Palm Springs? Something to remember next time.

Thing 2:
The other day I was leaving a message for my Friend “D”, and about halfway through, I totally belched. On her answering machine. Then I couldn’t stop laughing, and through the hysterics, I further explained – on the machine – that I had just burped.

Then I started discussing whether this was a necessary observation, or maybe they wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t mentioned it, etc.

It’s okay, though, because Friend D left me a message and told me she snorted loudly all through my message as she listened. It made me feel a little better.

Thing 3:
If you read through the comments section from Wednesday, you might’ve noticed Friend A (Elle Macpherson to my Tubbs) referenced a conversation we had in the car on the way to the gym. Keep in mind, we are both extreme hypochondriacs. So, I thought it would be fun for all of you non-hypochondriacs to get this little glimpse in the life of the clinically insane.

BRODI AND FRIEND A: Actual Conversation in Car on the way to the Gym

A: “I’ve had this metallic taste in my mouth all morning. I’m afraid it might be a stroke.”

Me: “Have you tried chewing gum? Brushing your teeth?”

A: “Yes. It’s still there. So I’m just telling you, in case I black out while we’re working out. You can tell the doctors about the metallic taste.”

Me: (Looking for any excuse to ditch the working out): “It probably is a stroke. I can drive you to the hospital if you want.”

A: “No, I think I’m fine. But if I pass out, tell ‘em it was a stroke.”

Me: “Maybe you should get a CT Scan.”

A: “I’ve had them. For my sinuses.”

Me (because this is seriously the conversation we have every day): “So, if you got one of those full body CT scans, do you think they’d find anything? If so, where?”

A: (She answered yes, but I won’t tell you where because I think it breaks patient/friend privilege.)

Me: “For me, I think they’d find them in my brain.”

A: “Cuz of the migraines?”

Me: “Well, that and I’ve been getting scabs inside my nose.”

A: “We all get scabs in our nose. It’s the dry air.”

Me: “Yeah, but it’s also a sign of a brain tumor.”

A: (Freaking out, because she has noses scabs too): “What are you talking about? Please tell me you’re kidding!!”

Me: “I’m not. I saw it on an episode of House once.”

A: silent as this piece of information sinks in.

Me: “Don’t worry. Your stroke will get you first.”

A: “Okay. Let’s go lift weights in Courage Corner. Also, my leg hurts. So tell ‘em it could be a blood clot too.”

Me: “Will do.”

I had to cancel on the gym this morning cuz I messed up my leg/ankle yesterday during tennis. When I told Friend A about my injury, she told me it was probably “Shin Cancer” that has now exploded.

Have a great weekend. Anyone doing anything fun?