Free Book Friday: A New Blog Tradition, Until I run out of Money

Rafa Update:

My main squeeze Rafa won his first round match, breezing past Frenchman Gasquet while simultaneously rockin’ the black shorts and yellow shirt. Hott! He plays again tonight. Vamos Rafa!
Check out the guns.

Sam’s main squeeze (some super-skinny Russian chick) lost in the first round.

On the count of three, let’s all give him a shout of support. 1… 2… 3:


Thank you for helping me console hubby.


Today officially kicks off our “Friday Giveaways”. I have way too many YA titles. So, here’s how you enter.

A. If you’re not a follower: Follow me. Then tell me you did in the comments. Easy Peezy.

B. If you are a follower: I want to get to know you better. Answer the questionnaire:

1. What’s your name?
2. Are you a writer?
3. Everyone has a book in them. What would yours be called?
4. Create the next line to this limerick:
a. There once was a man from Poughkeepsie…
5. What would number 7 on your 25 things about you list be?
6. Briefly describe a childhood memory that has stuck with you.
7. Things that must go?

To get the ball rolling, I’ll answer the questions.

1. Brodi Shawn Ashton
2. No. I type.
3. Ummm… Echo.
4. Who liked to dress up as a Gypsy
5. I pee a lot. (actual number 7 on my list).
6. In sixth Grade, hottie Matt Nance told me my ears were tiny and cute. Still gives me the chills. I’ve had an unnatural obsession with my ears ever since.
7. Cold sores, boogers and politics.

Normally you will have only Friday to enter. But this being the first contest, I may be more lenient. Maybe.

It's a holiday weekend. What are y'all doing? I think I'm going to Midway for Swiss Days. Because we have a little town in Utah that thinks it's in the the Alps. I don't know.

Have a great weekend!