Interpretation of the Toot... and What I'm Reading and Writing

What I'm Reading
As discussed in Wednesday's post, I'll be reading Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

Can't wait to see if I still have a crush on Calvin. If anyone wants to join in, I'm sure the Library has plenty of copies, and there's probably not a waiting list.

Want an extra reason for reading it? My favorite castaway Sawyer is reading it too. He has such good taste.

What I'm Writing:
Current WIP: 20,597 (up from 18,495 last week)

Redemption of Zupa's... almost

Remember my crazy day at Zupa's? Well, I tried Zupa's one more time, and there it was. Wi-fi. I didn't even have to plug in.

Everything looked rosy, until I filled my diet coke cup, and there were no bubbles.
I'm now known as the girl who freaks out about every little stupid thing at Zupa's.

If Your Toot Could Speak, What Would it Say?
Yesterday, as Hubby was taking Kid C to Harry Potter camp, Kid C said he "tooted." He then proceeded to giggle.

Sam: "Yeah. That's funny, C."

Kid C: "You wanna know what it said?"

Sam: "What your toot said?"

Kid C nods.

Sam: "Okay, sure. What did it say?"

Kid C (in a high voice, the one he uses to imitate girls): "It said, 'When I get home, I wanna play the wii."

I asked Kid C about it when he got home from Harry Potter camp, and he confirmed the message he received from his nether regions.

Kid C: "Is that weird, Brodi?"
(He hasn't called me Mom in over a year.)

me: " Is what weird?"

Kid C: "That my toot said that?"

I thought about it for a sec, and decided that this was going to be one of those magical moments of parenthood where the parent imparts little nuggets of wisdom that stick with the child for decades. Like telling your child exactly who the birds and the bees are and stuff like that.

So I looked at him, and said: "No. It's totally normal. How do you think I got the ideas for my book?"

Kid C: "Your toots spoke to you?"

me: "Yes. It must be a family trait."

Then, just to further enforce the parental guidance, I added: "Don't do drugs."

Heck, I just sent him to a camp that taught him there is such a thing as a magical wand and a sport called Quidditch. Who am I to say toots can't talk?