For today's Dork Side, I must comment on last night's episode of the Bachelor.

Sam and I had never seen the Bachelor until last week, and when the promo's for last night said the ending was so emotional, they couldn't even have a studio audience, we knew we had to tune in.

We were so not disappointed!

First off, DeAnna "stops by", because she was in the neighborhood, and all, and she was out for a walk, and so she just thought she'd up and fly to New Zealand.

De: "Jason, I made a mistake. I followed my heart, and chose the fun exciting guy. I should have stuck with the boring, safe, boring guy. You."

Jason: "Ummm, thanks?"

De: "It's not too late for me to break your heart again. Please give me another chance!"

Jason: "You're the best. Seriously, you're like, the third best girl I have in my life right now.

Look at that ring as long as you want, Jason... I don't think the answer is in there...

Then for the rest of it was like we were watching pro- wrestling. When Jason came out and said, "Since the show ended, the chemistry with Melissa has been zilch," Sam and I were all, "Oh no he didn't! He just slammed her with a folding chair!"

And then when Jason tried to explain it to Melissa, with his big brown puppy dog eyes, and she says, "You're such a B-----d." We were screaming at the television, "Nuh-uh! She just bounced off the ropes and pile-drove him in the groin."

I'm thinking polygamy looks pretty good about now...

We were laughing the whole time, and I'm just impressed they were actually telling the truth: It really was the most shocking rose ceremony ever!