The Dork Side: Trashy Mag time!

Revision status: I just pressed "send", so you know what that means: Trashy Mag time!

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from my Trashy Entertainment mags:

The first is from the Style Hunter in Entertainment Weekly. She points out how everyone wants to know what shade of lipstick Lana (from Smallville, pic at left) is wearing.

The answer: "Honey Violet".

My question is: Who the heck is noticing her lipstick? Did they not actually see the picture at the left? We've got a chick, fondling what has to be the creepiest doll every made.

So, who are the people that look at this picture, and think, "Hey. Cool lipstick. Where can I score me some of that?"

Next, we have a tribute to the original cast of ER.

So, not only does it take six people to wheel in an Emergency Room patient, but five of them are doctors.

Wow, this is a hospital where five docs will meet you at the door?

Sounds great, right? Makes you want to get shot in their city. The only problem is they also have time to stop and pose for a somber picture. If I was the guy on the gurney, I'd be thinking: "Oh Crap. They do not look happy. I'm a goner."

I love the feet sticking out. Poor guy.