Has this Ever Happened to you when you're holding the door open for someone?

You know how you're walking into a building and you can sense someone behind you, and you think to yourself, is that person behind me close enough that I should hold the door open for them?

Because if you think the person sounds like they're just a few yards behind you, you should hold open the door so it doesn't slam in their face. But have you ever held the door open and then looked behind you and the person is like a block away?

And then you're in that awkward position where you're holding the door forever, and the person behind you has to jog, or at least look like they're making an effort to jog because you're sitting there waiting for them to come through the door you're holding open?

And then the person you're waiting for is an elderly person, who has sped up her shuffle walk now that she knows you're waiting, and everyone involved in the situation knows it would be better if you just went inside the stupid building instead of standing there making an old lady get the lead out of the walker, but you can't help but think you'll seem rude if it looks like you're giving up on her by slamming the door in her face (well it would be in her face if she weren't moving at mosey-speed)? And you would never want someone to think you're ageist?

And then five minutes later, after several other people have entered and exited the building, and the old lady (you've since named her Bertha, but only in your mind) has merely halved the distance, and did she just clutch her chest? And did you hear someone say, "Why does she hate old people?"

Yeah. That was my morning. Who's with me?


*self five*

I'm on a road trip today, so if it takes me a while to respond that's why. But I will be reading every comment!