Halloween Costumes, Lego Star Wars, and Where I'll be Next Weekend

Hey Y'all! 

First off, some housekeeping. Wednesday's contest will close on Sunday at midnight. The winner will be chosen at random by random.org on Monday. 

Second: I will be at the Vegas Valley Book Festival next weekend. Anyone else going to be there? I will be giving away 15 (FIFTEEN!) ARCs of EVERNEATH at the Paranormal Ball, along with some swag like guitar pick necklaces and such.

So, if you have not yet registered for the Paranormal Ball, you can sign up here.

And if you want more information about the incredible lineup at the Book Festival, you can check it out here.

My awesome sisters-in-law are possibly making the trip to Vegas to hang out with me at the ball. One of them was concerned about costumes.

sis-in-law #1: "What does one wear to a Paranormal Ball?"

Sis-in-law #2: "Well, something Paranormal."
#1: "Like Princess Leia? Should I dress as Princess Leia?"

#2: "Umm... she's not really a paranormal character."

#1: "Okay. How about... Lego Star Wars? Should I dress as Lego Star Wars?"

#2: "Again, not really paranormal. Think more along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

#1: "But, I don't look a thing like Buffy."
To be fair, though, she doesn't really look like Princess Leia either. Or Lego Star Wars. (Not quite sure how someone would resemble Lego Star Wars in the first place.)

I think it was possible that sis #1 was confusing "Paranormal" with "ComiCon".

So, if you would like to see me dressed as a surprise (surprise as in "I have no idea what I'm wearing yet!") and my sis-in-law dressed as an entire set of Lego Star Wars, come to the ball! 

Thirdly, yesterday was the Halloween Parade. 

Kid B went as Toad.
He's holding hands with his teacher, Miss Newman. He would be adopted by her if he could.

Kid C went as a Human Whoopie Cushion
Pull my finger.
Nine years ago, I worried that if we named him "Carter" people would call him "Carter the Farter".  Now, I'm dressing him up as a Whoopie Cushion. 

He rocked that costume, by the way. He went up and down the aisles cheering and waving, as if he were Thor about to be crowned king, and not a giant pink tooter.

So, what's everyone doing this weekend? Any plans for Halloween?