Four Things on a Monday Morning (With Pictures!)

Four Things!

1. Sam was getting a root canal the other day. I sent him a text to let him know I was going to be in my Zumba class.

Here's what the text said after autocorrect:
I figured this was the best way to break it to him.

2. We love our pop tarts. So much that when Kid B saw them in the store, he brought them to his face and snuggled them against his cheek.
Fighting the waif look one box at a time.
 3. Yesterday my family got together to watch our church's general conference. The men in were captivated.
I can hear better with my eyes closed too.
4. Do kids ever look cuter than when they are on a bridge in the mountains?
They're cute until you realize that Necie (the lone girl) is triumphantly displaying the snake she just killed. Kidding. 
So, how was your weekend?