In Which I Blow Up at Anyone who Mentions Deadlines, and even Those who Don't

The deadline for the sequel to EVERNEATH is coming up. Fast. And hard. So I've sorta had deadlines on the brain.

It reached a boiling point last night when Sam's entire extended family went to dinner. Above all the chatter that twenty people make, I kept hearing the word "deadline". 

I wasn't even part of the conversation, but I could hear the d-word being said at one end of the table. Over and over.

Were they discussing my deadline behind my back? Were they taking bets as to if I would make it or not? Were they consulting the odds-makers? (By the way, it's 4:1 that I'll make it.)

Finally, I snapped. "Could you all please stop talking about my deadline?!"

They looked at me like I was a little nuts. Then my sis-in-law pointed to something on the table. 

It's a lime. And it's "dead". Can you guess where I'm going with this?

Yep, that there is a dead lime. A DEADLIME. It was in my sis-in-law's Diet Coke. And it was all anyone could talk about.

Until I yelled at them.

Somebody help me.