Find Me at SCBWI and You'll Get a Surprise! hint: It's EVERNEATH swag!

Tomorrow, I leave for the SCBWI conference in L.A. 

I can't wait.

To celebrate, I have some special EVERNEATH swag for anyone who finds me there and says, "Hello."

Remember that awesome DEAD ELVISES logo my friend sent me?
Well, I have had it rearranged and printed on... guitar picks!
An actual Dead Elvis strummed with this guitar pick. I guarantee it.
They've got the DEAD ELVISES on the front, and EVERNEATH on the back, with the release date of January 2012. 

These awesome little commemorative doohickees will be in my purse, and if you come up and say hi to me, you'll get one! Whether you like it or not. No, seriously, even if I think you just happened to glance at me from across the room, I will leap frog over the other conference-goers and shove this pick into your cold dead hand.

I don't know why you are dead in this scenario. How did it get so dark in here anyhow? 

The point is, you can either take the picks nicely, in your hands, or you can take the pick between your eyebrows, chinese-star style.

Wait. Sam says that is not the point. Hold on one second... lemme see if I can locate the point...

Here it is. The point is, introduce yourself to me! And you'll get a treat! But not in a creepy way. Why did I need to clarify that? 

Argh! Does someone have a crash-course in appropriate self-promotion that I can take? 

Anyway, I'm easy to spot. I have blond hair, a red scarf, and I'm always looking off to the side.

And I usually have a zombie finger with red nail polish on my shoulder.

People have asked me what this finger is doing on my shoulder. I tell them it is the finger of my muse. She likes the red nail polish.

So, the point is, say hi to me at the conference, or I will sic my zombie muse on you. She will in turn shove the guitar pick down your...

Wait. Sam says that is not the point.

Ah, here it is. The point is, hope to meet you at the conference!