In Which we see Thor, and Sam Learns to Appreciate the Male Form

This morning, I'm one follower away from 300. I only point this out because 299 just doesn't seem like a stable number. 299 is the seconds left before the bomb goes off. 299 is the cholesterol level of a large man. 299 isn't a real number. Nobody wants 299 potato chips. A package of 299 paper clips makes me think one is missing.
So now, with 299 followers, I feel like one is missing. Where are you, little lost follower?

On to the post:

Hubs and I went to see Thor over the weekend. 
And the son of Odin was not amused.

Thor sure is a cutie-pie. At one point, he took his shirt off, and I leaned over to Sam and said, eloquently, "Oh, homina homina."
Has anyone seen my love handles? They must've been left behind as I fell from Heaven.

Sam responded with, "Are you under the delusion that you're with your girlfriends right now?"

And I was all, "I'm sorry, but even you have to admit the beauty of this human specimen in front of us. When Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, do you think he was all, 'I'm a guy. Can someone else tell me if Adam looks right?'"

And Sam was like, "I think Michelangelo had a pretty good idea of what the male form looked like."
me: "Exactly. Michelangelo wasn't afraid to admit when something was beautiful, man or woman."

Sam: "Yes, but Michelangelo isn't my go-to guy for lessons on how to be a man."

me: "Well then, let's look at Da Vinci..."
me: "He knew all about the human form, and-"

Sam: "Can we at least pick someone from this century?"
me: "Um... J. Edgar Hoover?"

Sam (bored with the conversation): "Look, if I say 'homina', can we just watch the rest of the movie in peace?"

me: "Yes."

Sam: "Homina."

me: "I know! Isn't he, though?"
Anyone else see Thor? Anyone else say "homina"? Anyone know of a man's man in the last century who could openly appreciate the male form?