The German Cover for my Book... Maybe. Or Maybe Not. Sprechen sie deutsche?

Lately, my Google alert has been going a little crazy with stuff about my book in Germany. When I click through, I see this:

Roughly translated means "Forever Longing".
I don't know if it's a placeholder for another cover, or if it's the actual cover, but I either way I still love it. It's completely different than my American cover but I think it's awesome. (I've seen drafts of my U.S. cover, and it is simply brilliant, but I can't share it yet) .

The German translation is set to release simultaneously with the U.S. version, and I'm lucky to have enthusiastic editors over there. Some German bloggers have been blogging about it, too. I have a difficult time figuring out what they're saying, seeing as I don't speak German and the Google Translation is apparently overseen by a first grader.

Upon hearing this, my mom said, "I know a little German..."

Which made me want to say, "Me too. He's right over there."

A little German.
But I totally didn't say that.

So, my mom took a look at the blogs, and apparently the synopsis of my book goes something like this:

"So... Nikki is... somewhere... stuck in the Unterwelti, and she... something... so she returns home... her boyfriend Jack ist Nikki's gro├če Liebe so, he is Nikki's great love. Cole ist ein Unsterblicher... so, he's a never-die-er... immortal?... and he wants something."

Thanks mom. I couldn't have put it better myself. I will alert my editor that we now have the perfect jacket copy for the back of my book. 

So, what do y'all think of the German cover?

Speaking of my cover, my editor says we should have something to share in the next few weeks. I can't wait. The design team at HarperCollins has done an amazing job, and I'm so happy I won't have to pretend to love my cover... because I love it!

For now, enjoy this scene from that classic TOP SECRET! When I was growing up, I was convinced this movie should've won Best Picture.