Stuck with me? Lucky you!

Brodi will not be posting today.  She's had some unexpected family things come up that she needs to attend to.  She begged me not to post on her blog today.  I pleaded with her to allow me to...I won!  She said as long as I don't show any pictures of me shirtless, in bicycle shorts or in a fedora, I could post here.

I wanted to go through some of the latest happenings in our house.  Boy C is rocking it in 2nd grade and he is is always thinking...the other day, he wanted to go over to his friend Z's house.  I told him he could but he needed to come home at 6pm.  He stopped, looked at me and said, 'Sam, its better if you call over there at 6pm, I have too much going on in my head to remember what time to be home. Bye.'

I bought a new Betta fish.  Yeah, I know what you are saying 'You are the stupidest person alive.'  Why?  Because we kill Betta fish and we don't know why.  Here is our history   Well, Brodi was out of town and I decided to give it another go...Shadow is our new lovely fish.   I sat down with the bosses at our local fish store and told them our long sordid history of killing fish.  I quickly learned that I should not take fish for a walk, feed them ground beef and that I should not give them a bath with soap and shampoo.  With this new knowledge, I feel like Shadow could live many, many days with us happily.

I thought about starting up the exercise program 'P90X.'  I would totally do it if it was just a lot easier.  Don't they realize how many people are not going to do their program because they make it so hard?  If they added donut breaks or reading breaks or just said 'Don't try so hard here, take it easy' then I would be much more inclined to go for it.  Oh well.  I guess I will have to just continue on with my "book reading, television watching and occasionally bust out a dance move" exercise routine. 

We have lived in some cold places with cold windy winters.  We have lived in Blackfoot, Idaho...Denver, Colorado...Washington DC...London, England...all terribly cold in the dead of winter but few things have prepared us for the past couple of days.  It was 'take away your breath' kind of cold.  My trusty 1974 Scout would not even start (but truthfully, the Scout doesn't like to start even on warm days...its picky on which days it likes to start and thats part of its 'charm').  But now it is a toasty 25 degrees...I have got my tanktop on and I am going to go out to enjoy the sun.

Brodi will be back on Monday.  Unless we can create enough of an uprising where the readers demand that I take over this blog immediately...yeah, even my mom thinks that is a bad idea.  Come back on Monday and enjoy the regular musings of Brodi.  Thanks!