One Last thing I'm Thankful For... And Compiling a Holiday Book List

Hey y'all. Happy December.

Kid C had an assignment to write one thing he's thankful for, inside a drawing of a candy corn.  Here's what he turned in:
I'm kind of proud of him, because I've always told him to "Think outside the candy corn."

My favorites:
the unavers and space (the universe and space)
a home and corn and tirky and a god and chikin and food
and pincek (pancake)

And for the big finish in the lower right had corner....
the world and pets and peple and Ham

In that order. 

The thing I learned from this (besides someone needs to work on his spelling) is that even if a kid can't speak at age five, you may reach a point at age seven where you can't shut him up. For that, I'm grateful.

As the holiday season begins, may we all think outside the candy corn.

Before I go, (I'm at my computer, I'm not really going anywhere) let's think of good books for people to buy as presents this month.

I'll go first:
Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. 

I just read this yesterday, for the first time, in two sittings. Loved it.

Now, your turn. (Or you can leave a comment and just say hi.)