Everything You Need to Know about Dating can be Learned from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

Last night I went to see my niece "MM" in a community production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She played one of the brides, and she stole the show.

This was probably my 100th time seeing the play. My mom loved the movie, so we watched it instead of Saturday mornin cartoons, and then every summer we went to Jackson Hole, WY, and saw it live. 

I realized last night how much I've learned from the play, so I thought I'd share what I've learned with you. 

Top Ten Dating Lessons Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Teaches us:

1. A dance off is appropriate in any tense situation. 

2. If you want something (like a wife) just go and take it, provided you can cause an avalanche on top of the only throroughfare so the men with the guns can't chase you. (Also, it's okay to assume your kidnapping victim will 'grow to love you')

3. Every Oregon town in the 1800's had exactly 6 eligible women and 12 eligible suitors. 

4. Love at first sight is possible if you and your potential mate are wearing the same color of shirt.

5. "Dorcus" is a girl's name. So, to my sister who used to torment me by calling me "Dork"... guess the joke's on you! You were just calling me a girl's nickname. Zing!

6. "The Bridegroom who gets married in June gets a sweetheart for a wife." Sam and I got married in June. Truer words were never spoken. Right, Sam? Right??

7. Real Men don't swing axes... they dance with them.

8. There are no good "F" names in the bible. And if you're choosing between "Hannah", "Hepzibah" and "Hagar" to name your first baby girl, choose "Hannah". I mean, is it even a question?  

p.s. I hope you're not reading this, Hepzibah Jones. (She's my neighbor)

9. These are what real "Bad Boys" look like:

And finally...

10. Shotgun weddings are magical.

So, what's everyone up to this weekend?