Little Red status: We're in the Honeymoon stage: blissfully in love, but still working out the kinks.

Why on earth did anyone make a computer that doesn't have two separate buttons for the delete function? Like a 'backspace' button, and a second 'delete' button that sucks the characters right after it into oblivion? Am I crazy? Don't any of you answer that!

Book status: Nearing the end of revisions. To get rid of words, I've taken to rewriting nearly every sentence to make it them each one word shorter. I'm beginning to think this may not be the most pragmatic approach. So next, I'm trying a machete.

So, book trailers. Have you heard of them? There are a ton on You Tube- It's like a trailer for a movie, only it's for a book. My new author friend Emily Wing Smith has a Young Adult book out called THE WAY HE LIVED (excellent read) and she has just finished creating a trailer for it. Click here to check it out.

Do any of you know how to do something like this? Or know someone who can? I would appreciate references! I think Emily's is seriously so cool. So naturally (because it's all about me) I started thinking about my own book trailer. About what my characters look like, and who I would pick to play their parts. I hesitate to do this, because I value what readers create inside their own heads. I loved hearing who my nieces would pick, and I didn't want to influence.

But if I don't do this, I won't have an excuse to show you gratuitous pictures of Rafael Nadal. He is the honey. And the jam. Yummm.

He's like number one in the world for tennis, and last month when I received my Tennis Magazine it was like Christmas came early. Actually, since it was last month, it was like Christmas came right on time. He is tall, Spanish, flowing hair mocha goodness. Coolest nickname: "Rafa".

Now I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a chance one of the characters in my book resembles him.

Check out his centerfold.

I'm only showing you this so you can get a sense of his... technique. Especially in the top left picture, which gives us an excellent perspective on the western grip of his racquet. What? You can't see his racquet in the top left pic? Hmmmmm. Well, study it a bit longer. All day, if needed. Now do you see it? Okay, try closing your eyes. Now do you see it?

The top middle shows you his playful side, with his devoted fans. He's like a soccer star! They cheer, and wave flags, and start brawls, and ingest a few pints during the match, and then when Rafa wins at Wimbledon, they stampede the royal box, trampling the Duchess of Kent. Every year! Rafa is so good, England has run out of Duchesses for them to trample.

And check out the left middle. He can do a one-handed push-up without even his feet touching the ground. He's got superpowers.

And he knows how to win matches. At the high cost of everything around him. He'd break his own bones, just to show the matches that he loves them. Wait a sec... I'm getting him a little confused with my book.

I can't really remember what my point was... Something about honey? Oh well, I'll just have to find some articles to read while I try to remember... As I come across possible candidates for my trailer, I'll post them.