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Book status: Have any of you heard from Ted? You can be honest. I won't be mad. I just want to know.


So, I read two Young Adult books this week, and below I present you my reviews, in all their teenage-angst-acne-proned splendor.

-Despite the promising title, there was very little violence in the book.

-Female teenage protagonist (Cammie): Very kick-butt. High on intellect, high on martial arts, low on logical reasoning.

-Premise: setting is an all-girls boarding school that pretends to be a school for the gifted, but is really a school for spies.

-Favorite concept: Cammie and her two BFF's can break any encrypted code, but have a very difficult time deciphering "boy-speak".

Ex: Boy: "Maybe I'll see you around."
What does that mean? Should I plan on it? Is it a brush-off, or is he in love? By "around" does he mean someplace circular? Around what, exactly?


Fun read. Fun premise. I'm not quite pre-ordering the sequel (even though it's already out).

-Female Protagonist (Katie): Smart, but too eager to please those around her. Two-timing football boyfriend with another hot guy, but doesn't like either of them.

-Premise: Old guy friend (who was run out of town for turning in some cheaters from the beloved football team) returns to town four years after the fact. He's a red-head, and now he's really really hot. So, there's a third guy in the mix for Katie.

-Favorite stuff: Quahogs (pronounced KOH-HOGS can mean one of two things: they are the name of the high school football team, but they are also type of bivalve clam). Any time someone refers to "Quahogs", someone else always asks "The football player, or the bivalve?"

"I hate Quahogs."
"The team, or the bivalves?"

"Quahogs are rubbery. The bivalve kind. Not the football player kind."

For some reason, this never got old for me, because I've fallen in love with the term "bivalve." I'd like to use it somehow in my next book.

I know what it's like to go to a high school where the football team is revered. Every football season at Skyline High School, the players would shave their heads. (Get it? Bald Eagles? Ha ha.) Not that any of those supercool guys ever gave me a second glance. I was too busy deciphering Vulcan codes. I'm not bitter.

I'm not. I swear.

I'm just saying, I prefer hair. Seriously, I don't even give them a second thought. It's been 15 years, why should I care? No, really, why do I still care?

-Overall view:
You know those books where you end up yelling at the protagonist, because she's getting all caught in a web of lies, and you're thinking, "This could be so easily fixed if you'd just grow a pair!"

The author, Meg Cabot, sure gets the teenage mind-frame. She has a corner on the market. I'm a little big jealous.

I'm currently reading A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. I'll review that next. Anyone want to join me? Interweb book club style? Anyone else have anything to say about these books? Anyone read them?
BTW: My mocha-honey Rafa plays today at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on ESPN 2.