When Revisions get you Down, Here's something to Entertain...

Howdy y'all. So, revisions are due this week. Okay, they're due today. Since I'm unable to string two words together at this point, enjoy one of my all-time favorite video breakdowns ever.

Are you familiar with the guy who said he could chop 100 coconuts in under a minute?

Now check out the breakdown. I could watch this video over and over. And over. Instead of revising.

Weirdly, my revised manuscript now has a scene where a Danish guy tries to chop coconuts with his feet. The scene really comes out of nowhere, and doesn't fit in a book about a girl who's spent a hundred years in Hell, but oh well. Michael's gonna love it.

Now, can someone please tell me how to embed a video in my book? Is that technology possible?