She Can't Bluff at Cards, Even when the Cards are the Size of my House

Happy MLK day, y'all.

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This weekend, my entire family went to our condo up in Midway, Utah. We escaped the sludge they have the nerve to call "air" in Salt Lake City.

It was nice to have a break from the apple-corer we'd use up our noses to dig out the sludge that had collected there.

While we were at the store in Midway, my sister saw a big box of face cards. She said the condo needed a bunch of decks on hand, so she bought it.

Only it wasn't a big box of cards. It was a Box of Big Cards.

It's all in the semantics.

We played B.S., and little Necie had a difficult time managing such big cards while at the same time bluffing.

So she'd put down a card and say, "It's a four."

her dad: "We're not on fours. We're on fives."

"Okay, it's a five."

My sister can't bluff to save her life either. Every time she bluffed, her face looked like this:

(Nothing to see here)

When that wide-eyed innocent face didn't work, she tried for the super-distracted tactic. The one where she's so distracted by other stuff going on in the room, that she's just gonna throw down two 3's, without even thinking too hard about it. Trust her! She's too distracted to lie!

Only problem was, there was nothing else going on in the room.

Yeah, she ended up holding the entire deck of big-arse cards.

Today I'm off for a marathon writing day with The Six. What's everyone else up to? How was all y'all's weekend?