Mistakes were Made... Brodi was Burned

Writer friend Bree is holding a contest for an ARC (Advanced Release Copy) of The Dark Divine. These are hot commodities, so check it out.

Yesterday was a day at the pool. I'm a freak about sunblock, and I remembered 50 spf for 85 little children (okay there were only two, but at a pool, it feels like 85). But I forgot about me. Considering I have skin that rivals the whiteness of the
legs on The Dark Divine, I am as red as a diaper rash, and I feel like I have the flu.

My anniversary is coming up on Friday, and I'm blogging about it now so I don't forget. I have a tendency to forget stuff like anniversaries, birthdays, children in general- especially mine, appointments... grass... table... where was I? Was I just typing random words? Sorry about that.

Oh yeah. My anniversary. Sam never forgets the day. Probably like a veteran never forgets Normandy.

To celebrate the occasion, I will share with you some weird date stories from my pre-Sam days.


I won't name names, because Bill would be upset.
I don't even have to give details. Just two little facts, and you'll understand.
1. Carriage Ride.
2. Food Poisoning.

I'm betting the carriage driver has never been asked since to "pull over" so many times in one ride. It broke all kinds of records. I assume it was the worst date for Bill too.


Another boy, Bill, came to my door one evening bearing a gift. Only instead of something traditional, like flowers, he brought me a Trapper Keeper.
Do any of you children of the 80's remember Trapper Keepers?
I want to know the marketing pitch session for those:

"So, imagine a super-folder. Only it snaps shut with a velcro strip. And on the front are pictures of unicorns and crap like that. The kids are gonna love 'em! We'll be millionaires... because folders are radical."


I don't know if this was to impress me, or what, but my date Bill threaded a piece of string up his nose and then pulled the end out through his mouth.

Two years later we were married.

Totally kidding.

You can see why Sam didn't have to do much to impress me.

Anyone else care to share?